The Harmonium Evolution – Beginner Course

  • Posted by Kenny Clarys
  • On 26 March 2021
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The starter course in Indian harmonium.

First of all I would like to thank you for your trust and believe in me as your teacher through this online course. Music has such a tremendous power and is so important for the world. We hope this course will help you to grow in playing the harmonium, so you will be more able to spread positivity through music in the world.

The whole course is build around 5 main points.

1 Chords & chord inversions

2 Melodies & Scales: finger exercises

3 Rhythm: patterns, bars, pulse, …

4 Songs: various mantras, bhajans, kirtans, …

A few typs when enrolling in this course. Watch everything chronologicaly. Don’t skip videos and mark each topic “completed” when you have practiced enough and you understand the subject.

It’s important to take your time watching all the videos and take your time to practice. That is why not all chapters are visible immediately. There is more than enough material to cover in this time frame.

CHAPTER 1 & 2 are available immediately

CHAPTER 3 is available after 15 days

CHAPTER 4 is available after 29 days

CHAPTER 5 is available after 43 days

Than all chapters will stay open and new content will be added on regular basis.

The course is build as follow:

  • FIRST: instructions and examples
  • SECOND Exercises
  • THIRD Evaluation

Whenever you are doing the evaluation of a certain topic, it’s important to continue, only when the evaluation is going well and you don’t make too many mistakes. In that case you should continue with the next part. If the evaluation is still difficult, you need more time for practicing.

From chapter 3 onwards, each lesson we will learn new songs that will be a practical way to learn what we covered in that particular lesson. So learning these songs we can focus on the topic we learned in that lesson.

I hope this course may bring you lots of joy in your harmonium playing and in your life.

With love,


What you'll need for this course:

  • a Harmonium
  • preferably a laptop or ipad with decent sound
  • a little notebook to take notes here and than
  • a printer to print out chord sheets

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