Dear student,

I have important news.

Recently I have moved the complete course to a new platform.

It works much better and smoother.

I want to give you access to this new course.

Currently you have purchased module 1 (awakening).

I have an interesting proposition.

I like to offer you access to module 2 (growth) FOR FREE!

There is only one condition in order to unlock the second module. If you could write me a google and a facebook review. That would be really awesome.

Go to this link here:

and this link:

and write a review about the harmonium evolution.

Write something about the course and give it a rating.

When you give me a google and a facebook review, I will then give you access to the second module.


Other good news is that there is an app that you can install on android or on iphone.

So you will be able to access the course on this new app. I will tell you more about this after.

Thanks a lot for your review!

Take care and keep in touch,




PS. If you have any questions, please get in touch by sending me an email

PPS. Let me know when you have written the reviews and I will send you your new login credentials with access to the awakening & growth module right away!