8. Four counts beat (12/8 – threefold) – pattern exercises on rhythm steadiness

The main objective of these exercises are to improve your rhythm steadiness. First, try to understand the pattern and exercise it by playing along with the video. The moment you understand the pattern and you can play along it is important to exercise alone. Use the rhythm loop at the top of the page to exercise each pattern alone. This is important to train your confidence. Exercise your tightness in rhythm first, the notes and chords are secondary.

Use this rhythm loop to practice all the different patterns in this lesson.

4 beats rhythm 12/8 (threefold) – 77BPM

12/8 pattern – 1

12/8 pattern – 2

12/8 pattern – 3

12/8 pattern – 4

12/8 pattern – 5

12/8 pattern – 6