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Watch the Free Harmonium MASTERCLASS

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Luuk Verhaeg , Mar 10, 2021

For a long time i was looking for someone that filled my needs in teaching me how to play harmonium based on Classical Indian composition coming from the soul, combined with a western mindset and method. Through some searching i found Kenny Clarys, an musician and producer from Belgium. Kenny a hearthfelt, warm and passionate personality. I rarely see such a talented person that breaths his deep passion for music into every aspect of life. I found what i was looking for and i'm gratefull for it. Thank you and wish you all the best.

Renilde Oben , Feb 10, 2021

Kenny is a suuuper teacher. His lessons are very inspiring and personalised !! Thanks!!

Laurent Van Trigt , Dec 9, 2017

Kenny Clarys is a genius.

Kurt Van den Broeck , Dec 25, 2017

Kenny Clarys is op dit moment wellicht de beste relatief onbekende producer die letterlijk alles in huis heeft om jouw ruwe demo om te toveren tot een muzikaal pareltje /.../ kortom TOPPRODUCER!!! Lees Meer...

Delia Paula, Dec 10, 2017

I've bought Kenny's latest album and I can't stop listening to it. It's such a soothing and beautiful music, love it! It's not only very relaxing but it gives you that good feeling of joy and contentment. Thank you Kenny!

Pimpernel van der Burgt, Dec 9, 2017

Kenny is a multi-talented music composer and to my opinion truly understands the essence of what music is. Lees Meer...

Kiureli Sammallahti, Dec 4, 2017

A full time artist who lives and breathes music. Also an easy going positive chap who is full of ideas and enthusiasm - and a great person to collaborate with.

The Vilamba, Dec 4, 2017

It has been a great pleasure to work with Kenny; we travelled together on a European tour and i was able to see at first hand his musical versatility. Lees Meer...